October 29, 2015

White Dog said, "You better get moving, momma, if you plan to have all of the White Dog Army's costumes done by Saturday. I, of course, will look fabulous, and YoYoMa is a pretty impressive pirate captain, but what about the others?

"My love, I am working hard to make sure every pup has the costume of their dreams. Ferguson wants to be a Unicorn; he was very particular about the colors in his furs. Puff wants to be a 1940's Socialite...don't ask, she watched some movie and is now totally fixated."


Gus said...

Clearly you have your priorities in order! I would be weeping on the couch about now. Please tell us what the mad black dog is wearing! Probably too much of a cliche for her to be the countess Dracula, huh?

Brian said...

Have a spooky cool Halloween everyone!

meowmeowmans said...

Oh, this just makes us SMILE. Happy Halloween, sweet WDA friends. :)