December 17, 2015

White Dog laughed out loud. Then she shook her head. "If you had told me eleven years ago that I would be sitting at your side watching two big old boys snoring on their backs with everything exposed to the world on one side of the room and on the other we would have tag team wrestling with a tiny boy with a Napoleon complex, a mill dog breeder, and a Sibe baby who thinks she's an Eskie, I would have fallen over laugh at the impossibility of even imagining."

"And yet here we are, Little White Dog of My Heart. Not to mention the other five of your White Dog Army. Believe me, it was not the Original Plan."

In just a matter of days White Dog celebrates her eleventh birthday and she is in a mood to look back and review her journey thus far. We together are amazed at the twists and turns and unplanned miles that it has taken.

Truth be told, sometimes, WD misses the idea of being an only child and the adventures we had. But in that life my elegant girl would not have developed her skills of leadership and diplomacy that have become hallmarks in who she is.

"Life is certainly full of surprises and our life is good. My brothers and sisters are pretty amazing and I have learned so much from each of them...they have experienced things in life that I shudder to even consider and yet all are strong and loyal and loving. And each has his or her own quirks, that sometimes drive me crazy, but that also make me appreciate how rich life is because of diversity. I know it wasn't the plan but I am so thankful that Quinn was a strong enough presence to reach across the Internet lines and compel us to bring him home. That was the beginning. the door opening."

I cradled White Dog in my arms and kissed the top of her head. "It IS a crazy life we lead, Sweet One and I love you for your adaptability. You are my daemon...always have been."


Random Felines said...

sometimes the destination isn't what we planned, but that makes the journey interesting

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Happy Friday