December 18, 2015

White Dog and The White Dog Army let out a cry of sadness when Steve came in early this morning to share Candace's text that Kandy Kane had passed away in her sleep over night. No one was completely shocked, our Little Sister with a different mom had been rapidly deteriorating over the past week. We all, in our hearts knew her time was near.

And in a way, we are glad for this peaceful end to her journey. Kandy Kane was a mill breeder girl, a senior, who captured Candace's heart despite her matted look, fearful ways, and health issues. Kandy never knew easy life or love until she joined Candace, Skye, Daisy...and by default, the White Dog Army.

She learned to love being held and sleeping on the bed and demanding (and getting) treats. Kandy even allowed Candace to dress her tiny body in clothes. (We always especially loved her blue polo "Going To Work" shirt). But she never REALLY liked having her beard combed out. We kind of liked that wild child appearance of a tiny bit of food clinging to some random spot on her beard....reminded me of a bearded family friend whose bushiness always delighted a snoofulling White Dog puppy).

The White Dog Army taught the Little Girl to go OUT of the dog door...and it became a game for her and Steve because she never would come back in. Instead she would go and sit by the door to her house, at the Studio.

At Zsofia's birthday, the WDA introduced Kandy to chicken feet...and kibble pizza. The Tiny Gourmand was unleashed. From then on, no matter what was being eaten or by whom...or even if a bag crinkled, Kandy trotted out of nowhere to demand her share...an equal portion, mind you...none of this proportioned based on size stuff.

Some days when she visited, the office was full of White Dogs supervising work being done from every corner of the room...Kandy's favorite spot was resting against me and the keyboard as I typed or in Steve's arms. At WDA treat time, that little one worked her way through the pack, going under others if necessary, to place herself at the forefront when the treat jar opened.

One of our greatest joys was watching the scared little used up breeder come alive and develop attitude. We smiled and tried not to laugh as her Tininess spoke her mind and made demands to be picked up or for YoYoMa to move over. Her evolution was a delightful miracle.

Kandy Kane knew enough sorrow in her lifetime, we promised her last night that when it was time, we would remember...and never forget. We would celebrate the time she shared her journey with us and the color she added. We would share the memories that are etched in our hearts.

Be at peace, dear sweet Kandy Kane. We are keeping our promise...


Sherri Painter said...

It is so wonderful that she knew love before the end...Thanks to you and the WDA..and to the wonderful family that she had. Soft woos.

The Painter Pack

Brian said...

Run free sweet Kandy Kane. You were so very loved and we're happy you felt that love. Hugs to Candace from all of us.

NanĂ¼k said...

Godspeed puppy dog. Peace to those you loved,


Random Felines said...

Despite a terrible beginning, we know her life with Candace...and all of you....was a life well lived and full of love. Hugs and purrs

meowmeowmans said...

We are so sorry that Kandy Kane had to go to the Bridge, but so very thankful she knew love and security with Candace. Sending soft and gentle purrs and prayers to Candace,