September 10, 2016

White Dog nodded toward the kitchen where Steve and Trixie were having a heart-to-heart. "It is a whole new perspective," she said referring to the fact that Trixie is a determined counter surfer...the only one we have...so far.

Zsofia, the only other member of the White Dog Army tall enough to do the same has grown up among White Dogs who are smaller than she is and has never been presented with the concept...until now. I fear she is corruptible.

Steve had placed a bowl of fresh green chiles on the counter after shopping. Since they were to be charred and skinned and used for dinner, he didn't want to make space in a refrigerator where the veggie drawer was already crowded.

California Girls, which Trixie is, apparently do not grow up eating green chile chicken enchiladas or cheesy chile rellanos or scrambled eggs with chiles and cheese and potatoes. The WDA knows to only eat the mild version in VERY small amounts (for flavor) or their tummies get upset. White Dog is incredibly adept at stripping all of the ingredients from a turkey burrito and leaving behind the strips of chiles.

Miss Trixie in her state of coveting anything on the counter managed to knock the bowl of chiles onto the floor. Several were half eaten. Zso was seen running out of the dog door with one in her mouth. Trix was gulping water when Steve discovered the attempted theft.

"Silly girl," he told her. "Not what you thought is it. Eat this piece of bread." He grabbed a slice and fed her chunks to take the sting from her mouth. In the last piece he wrapped a pepcid. "Your tummy is not going to feel very good," he told her. "Keep drinking water and for dog's sake stay near the dog door to rush out should you need to...and PLEASE stay off of the counter!" She looked at him pathetically.

Meanwhile, Zso came back into the house and dropped her slimed chile into my lap. "Here, momma, a gift for you. I didn't like it!" she seemed to say. Thankfully the chile had only been nibbled unlike her sister's "go for the gusto" attack. She laid her head next to the vegetable and sighed. White Dog looked down on her and snorted.

"I hope you will think next time before grabbing stuff that isn't meant for you," she was told.
An essential part of this time of year in Albuquerque...but not a great reward when a certain girl counter surfs

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NanĂ¼k said...

Oh dear, those are NOT the type of vegies huskerboos like!