November 28, 2016

White Dog and Steve spoke early this morning about the "test." Opal is coming up on her One Year Gotcha Day Celebration next week. She has come a VERY long way from the broken and awfully sick mill dog breeder who trusted nothing or any one.

Her progress makes us all smile every time we think of her or I look down at my side to see her sitting lovingly at my feet. She joined the coffee club a while back. She lines up nicely for treats. She is our number one toy tester.

Opal now lets me brush her; pet her and touch her all over; she even lets me in the morning sometimes lift her up onto the bed to sit beside me and be kissed.

But Opal has never shown the slightest interest in joining the rest of the White Dog Army in their walks. White Dog felt it was time to show her sister what she was missing.
But WHY do I need to do this?

Tonight when Steve got home he told Opal that together they were going on a little adventure. She did not seem to like the notion and put up a bit of a chase to scoop her up into his arms.

I held her and spoke softly explaining that she and dad were just going to walk to the corner and back, to check on the neighbors she could hear but doesn't see. She looked at me not convinced this was necessary.  I continued speaking as Steve put Bella's borrowed harness on her.

"Just give it a try. See. you might like it. It will be just you and dad and if you do not like it we won't push again." I could tell by the press against me and her deep breath that this was a total act of loving trust...and that she was doing it to please me.

Steve carried her to the front stairs.

I turned to Bella. "Remember when you were just as frightened by the thought of walks?" I asked her. Bella is now on the first walk team and goes willingly...but she never tarries and hurries right back home and to my side.

Treats were waiting when Opal charged back next to my desk. I rewarded her with praise and pumpkin cookies. "How did it go?" I asked. She skittered out of the room when Steve came in.

"Well, if you call her standing stiff legged refusing to move a good first attempt, then we did fine. I pretty much coaxed her every step down the drive and back. And now I think it will be a while before she forgives me."

"We won't try again any time soon but it was good to see where she was in readiness for the outside world," I reassured him. "If she is happy as a homebody then let us respect that."

I handed him a dog cookie. "Go and tell her how brave she was."


Random Felines said...

Oh Opal....it's ok

NanĂ¼k said...

Dear Opal, walkies are wonderful, woo get a chance to snooter new things! Love an gentle wooooos,


Brian said...

You can always give it another go when you want to sweet Opal.

24 Paws of Love said...

Way to go Opal! What an awesome first time out. You are the bravest dog I know.