November 29, 2016

White Dog came inside. "Get the shower ready, dad," she said to Steve. "Sachi was rolling in something slimy in the yard and it stinks,too! Might be cat vomit or something." Seconds later, our Little Man came trotting in happily humming to himself.

Steve scooped him up but remembered to keep him at arm's length. Sure enough, the side of his neck and shoulder were a fragrant mocha brown. "Hey Buddy, guess where we are going?" Steve asked him as they walked toward the bathroom. Sachi struggled to cuddle into his dad's arms and lick his face.

"Maybe after the bath," was Steve's reply. Sachi was placed in the tub and I was handed towels.

 "How about a nice relaxing warm bath?" we all heard as the water was turned on and splashing began.


meowmeowmans said...

We bet you felt (and smelled) better after your bath, Sachi! :)

Random Felines said...

Uh oh...