November 30, 2016

White Dog looked out of the window. "Wow! I do not think Leaf Drop Day has EVER been so late," she commented.

The Mulberry trees in our front yard are always the last on the block to change color and fall. Additionally, the leaves each year on both trees seem to make a pact. They ALL wrinkle over just a single night and fly off branches to carpet the yard the next day in a mass drop. White Dog calls it "raining leaves."

The entire White Dog Army takes turns observing the phenomena from the Watching chair.

The chance to run zoomies through the leaves is one of White Dog's favorite rituals.
The scene that greeted us as we opened the blinds this morning.
By the end of the day.
White Dog end of Autumn patrol.

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Random Felines said...

holy heck - it snowed leaves out there!!