December 1, 2016

White Dog was an only child for a long time before we decided to add to our family and become an Army. She cherished her toys and took gentle care of them. On the rare occasion that one would rip or have a medical emergency WD would sit by my side as I stitched it up; then she would sniff my work before softly placing the healing patient on her bed.

These days are a bit different. Blue Lambie still lives in the toy box and comes out to play but his legs are missing as is an ear and both eyes. White Dog has learned that sometimes when rescue dogs discover toys they enjoy them so much that the stuffie is loved to pieces...literally.

WD also knows that puppies can be a bit tough on plush "babies." Zsofia, now a VERY big pup, still loves to do her "Kill It!" dance of slamming a chosen toy around and around until our Darkest White Dog is dizzy. The toy, I believe, is no less impacted from the pounding.

White Dog is generous and has always shared the toys in the toy box that were hers. Over time, the toys have become more communal in ownership but every so often I see the Little White Dog of My Heart quietly pick up Blue Lambie or Baby Bear (when the others are off doing raucous things), cuddle for a second before hiding the toy deep in the bottom of the box.

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Anonymous said...

Your little Siku is a precious gift. She is a great leader even after she had to give up her own calm life to do it. She (and you and Steve) are commendable for your love. I'm positive the WDA feels the same. Becky