December 2, 2016

White Dog laughed at me. "Oh momma,you are always cold! It is cold outside this morning and gloomy, just curl up under your grandma's afghan and get warm."

I was chilled and tucked in as she suggested. Sachi snuggled against one side of my legs and Benson on the other. Zso settled between my feet. "See you look toasty cozy now," she continued to laugh at me. I worked bundled in White Dogs for most of the morning and was comfortable but when I unwrapped to go work on the computer, I once again felt goosebumps. "I hope I am not getting something," I thought to myself.

I quickly accomplished what was needed in the office as I pondered whether to layer clothes. Back out in the momma chair, once again under blankets and White Dogs, White Dog joined me. "Please don't make fun of me Baby Girl," I begged her. "I am seriously starting to feel cold and I do not sense a fever."

"It does seem cooler than normal in here," she agreed as she hopped up to sit against my shoulder. I noticed the entire White Dog Army was moving in closer to form a pack cluster.

"Momma," White Dog asked me. "What, Sweet One?" "When was the last time you heard the furnace kick on?"

I thought about it. In fact every member of the Army tilted heads to ponder. "You know, I don't think it has come on at all. At least since dad left this morning." And it was cold today. barely in the forties and windy.

I reached for the phone. "Steve, it would be odd if the furnace had not cycled at all today wouldn't it?" He agreed it would and then paused. "I thought it was colder than usual this morning and then I started rushing around. But I do not remember the furnace noise."

White Dog turned head and mouthed to the rest of the WDA, "Pilot got blown out by wind down chimney."

Steve snapped to the fact that I must be freezing and promised to come right home as soon as he finished a small work task. "Stay under the blankets," he instructed. "Don't worry."

He was home within an hour and went right down to the basement. The WDA huddled at the top of the stairs as we heard him remove the furnace hatch and fuss. Ten minutes later, he was in the living room with us. About four minutes after that the furnace clicked on and heat roared out of the vents!

The WDA wagged and jumped up to kiss me. YoYoMa who had been a draft blocker at the front door lumbered over and pushed my blanket aside. White Dog pawed for me to recover and admonished Yo, "Brother, you know momma, it will take HOURS for her to get warm!"


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Goodness! We're so glad you got that figured out. Stay warm, sweet friends!