December 4, 2016

White Dog and the rest of the White Dog Army greeted Pearl and Opal with a tail wagging howling "Happy Gotcha Day" morning starter before Zsofia and Sachi led them outside to play chase.

We humans took the opportunity to dress and ready for their return inside. Opal was supercharged as she clunked in the dog door and leaped onto the bed in one move. Pearl followed her inside but pulled up to sit at Steve's feet surrounded by the rest of the White Dog Army.

"What do you want for breakfast?" Nilla asked them. "It is the tradition on your day to choose breakfast.""And dad will make it!" Yo agreed. "Just name it!" "Since we both arrived on the same day do we have to agree or do we get TWO picks?" Pearl asked.

All eyes turned to White Dog. And she turned to me. I looked at Steve. He and I were meeting a friend for dim sum brunch but there was plenty of time to make breakfast for the WDA and to share the spirit of the meal.

TWO picks was my answer.

"I want kefir and blueberries with bacon," Pearl answered almost immediately. Opal was silent so long that White Dog finally asked, "Need some suggestions?" "No, I already have too many choices. It is hard to decide."

"OK, I will have coffee with heavy cream, the way momma likes it...and...bell pepper slices."

"Can we all have BOTH?" was the cry.

"When dad and I get home from brunch, we will continue the party," I told the WDA, stuffed and heavy-lidded, as we headed out. "Just nap and we will be back in no time!"

Later, when we pulled back into the drive, Pearl was draped in the window, body slung over the back of the chair and her faced pressed against the pane. She was sleeping soundly and was quite startled when Bella sort of knocked against her to announce "They're home!"

White Dog led Steve from doorway to where they had stashed the special gifts. "Now! Let's give presents now!" "Can I take my jacket off first?" he asked. "Oh fine!" she pushed him to hurry.

She called the Army together and then asked Opal and Pearly to come to the front of the pack. "Sisters, Pearl, Opal," she said, "When you joined the WDA one year ago we all were so worried about both of you. You both had nearly died from neglectful treatment as puppy mill breeders and were still so full of sadness.  We hoped we could help you heal and find peace and learn to trust us that our love was genuine and for always. We are so grateful for the beautiful ladies you both are...blessings to our family and pack.

"Opal, You are the Queen of toy destruction and have an impish side for chewing in general (but let us not remind momma of her pillowcase). All of us want you to have this thick leather double stitched handmade leather chewie. They said it was indestructible at the store, but I laughed. Enjoy proving them wrong." The WDA wagged and howled. Opal grabbed her gift gave a quick nod to the crowd and headed outside.
"Pearly Perl," WD continued. "I do believe that the way to YOUR heart is through your stomach. If you could I think you would help every single one of us finish what was in our bowls each day. Thank Dog, dad has rules. So for you the WDA presents  this tasty dried chicken foot. We know you will find it delectable."
 She gave it a nibble in the hallway but when the others moved closer to see, she headed for the cover of darkness. Where it was devoured in almost record time (NO pup can eat a chicken foot as fast as Stormer can).

The presentation over, we opened the treat bag for a celebratory round of duck jerky which brought both girls back to the party (Opal carrying the already defeated indestructo toy and Pearl with the tiniest bit of foot left which she hid in the cushions and sat on while waiting for her jerky).

Tonight we wrap up the celebration with a special turkey and rice dinner capped with pumpkin bread and whipped cream. And of course music and cuddling.

Happy First Gotcha Days Sparkling Opal, Our Amazon and Precious Pearl, Warrior White Dog!  Twice blessed we were on this amazing day.


The Daily Pip said...

Sounds like quite a feast and celebration. Happy Gotcha Day Opal & Pearl!

Random Felines said...

Happy Gotcha Day Opal & Pearl!!! It sounds like you had a wonderful celebration.

Brian said...

Sorry we're late, but Happy Gotcha Day sweeties!!!

NanĂ¼k said...

Happy day puppy dogs!! Much love from all of us,

Nuk & Family