March 9, 2017

White Dog listened as I read the frustrated post of a friend heavily involved in rescue as she detailed the condition and health of a pup she saved today. The poor senior had been found wandering along a main road, blind, nearly deaf, and wobbly. She was dirty and was missing hair. There was no collar or microchip. She had been taken from her home and left to fend for herself.

"I never can understand how any human can do that," I said at the end. "Abandon a devoted friend knowing that the outcome is going to be horrible. It seems the cruelest of actions. At least at a shelter she would not have starved or potentially been run over by a car or chased by feral dogs and coyotes."

White Dog and Zsofia shook their heads and shared my rage.

The others were nervous and quiet as they hung their heads and looked away.

WD and Zso are children of privilege, always loved their entire lives and treated with care; guaranteed security; and never wanting for anything.

The others turned away from my friend's story because they remembered, each with their own twist, being abused, abandoned, unloved, hungry, dirty, and fearful of the next minute. Their memories made this little pup's plight real in a way that WD and Zso will never comprehend.

Zsofia and White Dog will conversely never know the incredible miracle of being wrapped in a rescuer's arms and lifted from despair and lost hope. They will never know the total soul-filling bliss of someone validating that you are not a nothing--dirty and ugly and  unlovable--but a precious something deserving to be treated tenderly, cleaned up, fed, and given safety.

My friend is an Angel in what she does...and she seeks the roughest meanest cases of dogs chained, abused, forgotten, and abandoned. Because she, and so very many of you in all phases of rescue do not hear it often enough...

Thank you for making a difference. We understand and are beyond grateful.


NanĂ¼k said...

Please pass on our respect to your friend,

Nuk & Family

Random Felines said...

Send our purrs to your friend and her rescued pup. We will never understand either....and are not sure we want to.

Brian said...

Bless her and all the good she does to make hearts smile.

24 Paws of Love said...

Half of us understand and share your pain. The other half are of total privilege.

We are sorry to hear of another dog added to this long list, but so grateful for your rescue friend finding him/her and giving them hope.

Thank you from the 24 Paws of Love.