April 19, 2017

White Dog nudged me and looked around the office. To my surprise we were alone. I turned my chair to face her and put my finger to my lips.

She sat in front me, head attentively cocked and wagged an invitation. I reached for the treat jar, VERY quietly and slowly unscrewed the lid so as to not make a bit of noise.

For an incredible fifteen minutes My Little White Dog of My Heart and I played like we did when she was a pup...practicing her tricks and responding only to hand signals. A few of the performances were a little rusty at first but she remembered others to perfection. Each time she was successful I mimed clapping and she stood on my knees to kiss my cheek.

It was torture not to laugh with delight but we shared smiles.

Stormer trotted back in after a bit of sunning on the deck and noticed the treat jar. Then magically Nilla came in followed by Opal and Pearl.

I looked at White Dog and caressed her neck. I signed, "I guess we have been discovered!" As she had been trained as a pup, she dropped to her belly and executed a "peek-a-boo" motion with her paws over her eyes. No one else understood our inside joke...

...but we shared cookies with everyone anyway.

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meowmeowmans said...

Aw, this is so sweet. How nice that you two had some special time together, just you two. :)