June 26, 2017

White Dog jumped up next to Steve and pressed tightly against him. Bella scrambled into my lap and Opal frantically paced between us and her crate. Zsofia even crawled behind Steve's legs and wrapped her paws around his foot.

It is monsoon season in Albuquerque and most late afternoons the sky clouds up quickly and lets pour a torrent of water. The action is fast and furious for about half an hour and then the storm moves on.

Sometimes these outbursts are angry, shouting with booms and thunder. Sometimes cracks of lightning split the sky with their blinding white. Sometimes the winds whip up forcing the drops to slam against the windows. Sometimes the electricity flickers or goes out for a brief period.

Seldom do ALL of these happen at once.

Steve had just returned inside with YoYoMa, a part of his home from work ritual, when the monsoon hit. It started typically enough and no one in the White Dog Army was overly concerned. Like a symphony reaching crescendo, however, the force mounted and the intensity rose, until ALL of the elements were raging...rain, wind, thunder, lightning, and electricity that danced.

The nervous members sought reassurance from Steve and I; everyone moved to be closer together. Not a single pup seemed very convinced that it would quickly pass.

Sure enough, in 20 minutes the storm started to decline and at 30 minutes the sun was shining brightly again. The sidewalks were quickly drying off to erase any evidence of what had just happened.

"See, there you go. Storm is past. No more reason to be afraid," Steve told the WDA. He said the last word before I could stop him.

White Dog moved from his side and was joined by Zsofia who stood defiantly in the doorway. .

"Who was afraid?" she challenged. Zso woo'd her insult as well. "We were all doing what we are supposed to do in times of crisis. We were protecting you and momma!"

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Random Felines said...

Daiquiri has decided storms aren't her thing either...but we don't think she is protecting mom from under the sofa cover MOL