June 6, 2017

White Dog jumped off of our chair then went behind the chair in disgust. We had been quietly reading in the mid morning when Zsofia came stalking into the room and sat against my feet. She tilted her head nose up to look at me upside down and she touched her nose to my face in a kiss.

We often do that--she kisses me from this goofy angle and I wrap my arms around her and hug her to my chest. Then she settled down with her paws holding my right ankle.

It only took a few seconds.

"Zso, WHAT are you doing?" I asked at the sensation of her licking my foot. Except it was not the usual licks but rather more like using the tongue to spread peanut butter on my skin. I leaned forward and shifted my foot.

"This better not be what it looks like," I threatened, White Dog hopped down and sniffed my foot before turning away and making her exit.

"You know, My Itty Bitty Baby Girl, there was a time when looking down to discover fresh poop spread on my foot might have freaked me out. And even less time ago the idea that one of my babies, one who just kissed me, had carried it in in her mouth to share it would have not been well received." I reached for a kleenex and cleaned up the smear and pick up the unspread piece. "Heck, I would not even change baby diapers of my nephews and nieces so long ago. But now..."

"...now I do not even flinch at house accidents, at upchucking on my pillow, at 'momma, I don't feel good' moments. I can fix all kinds of nasty or messy owwies and will even give hugs to Trixie after she has had her sulphur lime rinse. I want to thank you...and your sisters and brothers...for making me a stronger woman."

She was looking a little confused and WD was peering from behind the chair.

"And now, if you will excuse me, I must go wash my foot and flush these tissues." I got up heading for the bathroom. Zso was right on my heels.

I swung my foot into the tub and sat on the edge to wash up my foot. I finished and slid around. Before I could rise my Darkest White Dog examined the now clean footie and gently gave it a kiss.

I smiled at her and steeling my resolve, bent and kissed her on the nose.


Random Felines said...

oh the things humans learn having pets :)

meowmeowmans said...

There are some wise and wonderful teachers in the WDA! :)

TwoSpecialWires said...

So much to learn from our doggies. So many ways to grow. ❤️