October 16, 2020

White Dog came in and asked to eat breakfast with me; that is how late it was. Our diva sleeps in and eats at a hour where one less genteel would consider it brunch. 

Steve had whipped up an incredible ham, spinach and cheese omelet. He toasted up a slice of cranberry walnut bread which sat next to the eggs and was slathered in butter. And coffee. The White Dog Army Coffee Club had already shared their cup so this one was just for me.

I had three bites and the phone rang. I looked at the clock and threw my head back. I let it ring a couple of more times before I clicked into the meeting I had finally connected after many efforts to schedule. It was going to take a while. I made my voice sound more cheerful than I felt as I passed my plate to Steve but wrapped my hand around the coffee mug. 

Steve knew because he has been caught himself. I heard him tell White Dog that they would go out to the living room where she could finish breakfast and that the rest of the WDA would have the good fortune of sharing omelet and buttery toast in their dinner bowls. I quickly grabbed a bite of toast and all disappeared...beautiful meal...fantastic aroma...loyal companions...and Steve.

 At dinnertime EVERY pup watched to make sure omelet and toast were added to the evening's meal.

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