September 24, 2021

White Dog leaned in and whispered to Steve who put the jumbo-sized turkey and muenster sandwich made with love on sourdough with tomatoes, lettuce, pickles and a smear of cream cheese on the edge of the counter. Then he walked away calling Zsofia and Roman out of the kitchen to join him in the yard.  

For a couple of moments White Dog and I thought Bailey would pass on the bait. "Take it...take it...go on!" we mentally chanted as I scritched Opal's ears to keep her from interjecting herself into the scene.

Bailey looked around; she sensed a trap. Everytime she looked toward us we made sure we were involved with each other and were not on Bailey watch. The others were still outside.

Finally my Big Beautiful Blue Eyed Girl slipped into stealth mode and made a few test hops to see if she would be called out for counter surfing. Our trio in the living room continued our discussion of the changing green of the leaves out front. 

In one movement, Bailey was up, grabbed the napkin holding the sandwich, and scuttled over to the pantry to enjoy her prize. 

Steve, Roman and Zsofia came inside; "Happy Gotcha Day, Bailey!"

"We hope you enjoyed your Celebration Sandwich," the White Dog Army sang as Steve drew turkey and cheese stacks for the others to share. There was also carrot sticks, cucumber slices, and brussles sprouts for our vegetable loving Girl and her siblings. 

We all looked at photos from Bailey's arrival in 2017 as Steve spread cream cheese on still warm spice cake.

I wrapped my arms around my gentle protector. "From the very first day, Bai, we knew you were a perfect fit. We cannot imagine what life was like BEFORE you arrived.. Here is to many many more celebrations of you."

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24 Paws of Love said...

Happy Gotcha Day Bailey! and to many more...