January 21, 2022

 "We had an easy answer when momma asked, 'why do tortillas always come in such big packages? They do not keep well or freeze and even eight is way more than we need for dinner.'" Zsofia said.

"Ummm, momma? How about we ALL have fish tacos for dinner? Three you and dad need plus five...WOW! that is eight!...exactly what is in the pack."

"We agree that it is very strange that shredded coleslaw veggies are not available anywhere in town but we have brussels sprouts which are little cabbages. You can chop them up and quick cook them, mix in some of your famous peppery coleslaw dressing and all dad needs to do is grill the mahi-mahi plop it on top and warm the blue corn rounds to stuff everything inside." 

"Sister, you should have your own cooking show," Bailey encouraged. "But what is on the dessert menu?" Opal wanted to know.

Zsofia thought a moment then looked at me. "We have a mango that is near its end; Roman can help dad make a quick mango custard and we can dollop whipped cream on it."

"Suddenly, this is sounding like a fiesta," I told her. "All toward the goal of not wasting tortillas. Convince the rest, and let's do it!"