January 22, 2022

White Dog was the entry into a community of bloggers with dogs that was at first a satisfying place to share stories knowing that the others would understand and nod in that not sure whether to laugh or shake one's head kind of way.

Over time, years and years and years, we lived each other's ebb and flow, arrivals and departures. Suddenly White Dog was a wise elder in what had become a FAMILY of bloggers. The connections were beyond just all having dogs...it was smiles as children grew up...cheers when new members joined the pack...tears and hugs as life situations changed. We clung to each other through it all knowing to always trust our dogs. We sustained each other even as many drifted from the traditional blog to the new "social media" and we refound each other there.

The White Dog Army, I always laughed with Siku, has grown up under the gaze of the biggest family ever. And like distant aunts, uncles, cousins, individuals might not always be heard but could be always be felt.

We struggle a little more now that White Dog has gone but we cannot escape the paws and arms holding us up as we transition. It is little, and not so little moments, that water our garden of hope and the future.

Gus and Teka's mom made us smile with her well-crafted tribute ala Gilbert and Sullivan. The WDA spent time remembering that theater runs in our community from the summer of the pandemic's production of Hamlet to opera nights at home to Siku's Hollywood debut at Shakespeare in the Park. 

And in the mail today, came these:

A pair of amazingly quilted pillows in recognition to the White Dog Army' heavenly brigade. What's Her Name, momma from Doxies With Moxie (a pack large and as deeply rooted in the blog world as we are), hand crafted these cherished treasures. Thankfully, the pillows seem impervious to momma tears. 

It humbles us to be cared for with such love and concern for our pain. So many of you regularly "stop by" with words of comfort and encouragement that it will get easier. We absolutely adore those of you who have been at our side long enough to quote our own motto back to us...

"time and love."

We cannot say thank you enough. 

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meowmeowmans said...

Beautiful. The love of this giant blogging family really does transcend all distance, doesn't it?